Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Enchanted Waltz

The Enchanted Waltz copy I have was published by Arrow (UK) in 1975. This story is set during the Congress of Vienna in 1815. Wanda Schonborn is orphaned and sent by her mother to live with the Prince Clement de Metternich. The prince realizes that she is his illegitimate daughter and decides to use her to further his quest for power in Europe. While there, she meets the dashing Englishman, Richard Melton, also there on a mysterious mission!

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple at an elegant ball. Our heroine is pretty in white trimmed in blue and our hero's coat compliments her dress. I like the fluidity of motion of their dancing. The other couples in the background are interesting to view, also! It's a pretty cover and very typical of Marshall's work in the 1970's.

The Congress of Vienna was held in Vienna, Austria in 1815 to put Europe back together after the first capture of Napoleon. He would later escape and fight one last battle at Waterloo before a final surrender.

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