Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cleaning up and adding photos


Today I did some housecleaning on the blog. I merged 2 separate posts about Sweet Enchantress into one and then added some new (really old) cover photos to the following titles:

The Incredible Honeymoon
The Enchanting Evil
Secret Fear
A Virgin in Paris
The Unknown Heart
Love to the Rescue
The Little Adventure
The Unpredictable Bride

Also, a reader sent me a clue that Barbara Cartland's website was listing some old Francis Marshall cover art and I have added photos to these posts:

The Dangerous Dandy
Mine For Ever
Mission to Monte Carlo
Money or Love
No Darkness for Love
No Time for Love
Secret Love
They Ran Away
Who Can Deny Love?

I hope that we continue to find new FM cover art! Please contact me by leaving a comment on the blog if you notice a new picture.

The two pictures on the left look like Christmas cards that Francis Marshall may have sent Barbara Cartland! I'm glad we're seeing more of his art work on her website which is linked below.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Love Finds the Duke at Last

Published in January 2018, Love Finds the Duke at Last is #160 and presumably the last in the Pink Collection by Barbara Cartland. This was a collection of unpublished manuscripts left after her death in 2000.  Her son, Ian, has published these into this collection. He is also currently republishing older titles of Cartland's.

This is also the 654th book in this blog collection. I know of 2 titles not yet published in book form: The Secret Princess (published in French but not English) and A Challenge of Hearts (published in audiobook form only).  Cartland's Amazon page states she wrote 723 titles with 644 being romances. I have included a few non-romances in this blog because they have a Francis Marshall illustrated cover.

This story is about how the Duke foils a marriage plan from a spoiled beauty and saves her cousin, Devinia, at the same time!

This cover is identical to Walking in Wonderland #113 in the Camfield series.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Love Danced In

Love Danced in is #159 in the Cartland Pink Collection and was published in December 2017.

Joanna West inherits her parents home that needs renovation and decides to give dancing lessons to raise the money. She asks her near neighbor, the Earl of Hollington, if she can use his ballroom and he agrees since he also needs an influx of cash. How they combine forces and find happiness is the plot of this newest Barbara Cartland novel.

This cover is identical to #13 Camfield White Lilac

Thursday, January 18, 2018

From the Dangers of Russia to Love

From the Dangers of Russia to Love is #158 in the Pink Collection by Barbara Cartland. This novel was published in November 2017.

Alvita's brother, Ivor, informs her that they must leave Russia, where they have been living due to the coming revolution. A friend of Ivor's helps them leave with some of their valuables, but Alvita doesn't trust him and when they make it to England, she finds him stealing from them. How this is all resolved with the help of the Marquis of Harrington is the plot of this story!

This cover is identical to a Library of Love: The Broad Highway. another Francis Marshall cover!

Monday, November 27, 2017

A Princess Runs Away

A Princess Runs Away is #157 in the Pink Collection by Barbara Cartland and was published in October 2017.

Orphaned Princess Vasila is living in England and is told by Queen Victoria that she is to marry the Prince of Saralovia, who is requesting a Royal British wife. She runs away to the circus and meets a man who is also hiding from those who wish to kill him. How he comes up with a creative solution so that he and Vasila can marry is the plot of this romance!

This cover is identical to Bantam #115 Women Have Hearts.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Love Has No Name

Love Has No Name is #156 in the Pink Collection and was published in September 2017.  Georgina Malton is in America with her rich father but is disillusioned because all of her suitors only seem interested in her money. She sails for England and soon finds herself playing piano as a favor to the band leader while onboard and after at the Duke of Stonebury's house. While there, she finds the real love she's been seeking!

This cover is identical to Ashes of Love, a Library of Love story.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Love Cannot Fail

Love Cannot Fail is #155 in Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection and has a publication date of August 2017.

Salvia's brother has lost his fortune to an American swindler and after he leaves to find the crook, Salvia has the idea to rent out their house in order to bring in some funds. She also finds a job as secretary with Lord Carville, who has no idea she is the daughter of an earl.

This cover is identical to Bantam #20 The Flame is Love