Monday, November 27, 2017

A Princess Runs Away

A Princess Runs Away is #157 in the Pink Collection by Barbara Cartland and was published in October 2017.

Orphaned Princess Vasila is living in England and is told by Queen Victoria that she is to marry the Prince of Saralovia, who is requesting a Royal British wife. She runs away to the circus and meets a man who is also hiding from those who wish to kill him. How he comes up with a creative solution so that he and Vasila can marry is the plot of this romance!

This cover is identical to Bantam #115 Women Have Hearts.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Love Has No Name

Love Has No Name is #156 in the Pink Collection and was published in September 2017.  Georgina Malton is in America with her rich father but is disillusioned because all of her suitors only seem interested in her money. She sails for England and soon finds herself playing piano as a favor to the band leader while onboard and after at the Duke of Stonebury's house. While there, she finds the real love she's been seeking!

This cover is identical to Ashes of Love, a Library of Love story.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Love Cannot Fail

Love Cannot Fail is #155 in Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection and has a publication date of August 2017.

Salvia's brother has lost his fortune to an American swindler and after he leaves to find the crook, Salvia has the idea to rent out their house in order to bring in some funds. She also finds a job as secretary with Lord Carville, who has no idea she is the daughter of an earl.

This cover is identical to Bantam #20 The Flame is Love

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Earl in Peril

The Earl in Peril is #154 in the Pink Collection by Barbara Cartland and was published in July 2017.

Lorena Conway overhears a murder plot and decides to intervene by telling the new Earl of Bramfield what she heard. He hires her as a secretary in order to help him and together they use their wits and find love together.

I'm pretty sure this is new original cover art and it's very pretty and romantic. I love the color of the heroine's dress!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

She Fell in Love

She Fell in Love is #153 in the Pink Collection and was published in June 2017. Barbara Cartland writes a story about a girl named Viola who is an orphan and now in the care of a cruel stepfather.
She meets up with the Marquis of Hurcott who is a car engine enthusiast like her deceased father and decides to help him design a new engine.

This cover is identical to Camfield #61 The Herb for Happiness

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Love Under the Stars

Love Under the Stars is #152 in the Pink Collection of Barbara Cartland novels and was published in May 2017. Ilena runs away from home after her parents try to marry her off to a peer. She takes a post as secretary to Lord Harry Brantford and finds out how much they have in common as they travel to Italy and Greece.

This cover is identical to the UK Arrow copy of A Light to the Heart.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Love Finds a Treasure

Love Finds a Treasure is #151 in Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection. This book was published in April 2017 and is the story of Michael, Earl of Monkford, who returns from the Napoleonic Wars to find his estate neglected due to money. His mother and cousin, Linka, try to keep things orderly but Michael will need to marry money.

I think this is a unique cover art and it looks like it may be a Francis Marshall cover. If a sharp reader sees it on another Cartland book, let me know. The heroine is pretty in pink and it's a calm scene where our couple are sitting.