Friday, January 22, 2010

A Duel of Hearts

A Duel of Hearts was published by Arrow (UK) in 1972. This is another of the novels that was adapted for television around 1991. Lady Caroline is saved by Lord Brecon from a seduction, but finds Brecon Castle full of terrifying secrets from which she finds a true love in the midst of gloom.

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple in riding gear and sitting outside with the castle looming in the background. Our hero is a regency buck in his top hat and long coat. Our heroine is bright in an emerald green habit with a magnificent hat! To me, this seems like many of FM's older covers: a picture that has been designed for a future book with the faces drawn in at the last minute. This may not be true, but it seems like the heroine's faces are sketched in afterwards. What do you think?

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