Friday, January 8, 2010

The Black Panther

This copy of The Black Panther is a 1972 Arrow, UK, edition illustrated by Francis Marshall for Barbara Cartland. This is an interesting, albeit odd, romance about reincarnation where the hero and heroine have a psychic link to each other. Cartland was interested in reincarnation and Eastern religions. Her biographies by Gwen Robyns and Tim Heald are fascinating reads and give us a glimpse into Cartland's interesting, romantic, and at times tragic life.

Francis Marshall portrays our couple at a ball with both wearing formal wear and other guests in the background, including a woman dressed in an Indian sari standing nearby. She seems ominious and slightly scary! My copy is falling to pieces, but I hope you enjoy this cover!

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  1. aka "Lost Love" ( In spanish: "La ReencarnaciĆ³n de Nadia"