Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Complacent Wife

The Complacent Wife is next in my series and my copy is an Arrow (UK) from 1974. This is a story about the Earl of Droxford, who aspires to become the Lord Lieutenant of the county, but can't be appointed until he is married. So he asks his mistress to find him a complacent wife, but he finds Karina for himself and then the fun begins!

Francis Marshall does a great job illustrating this cover! The story takes place in 1832 and our heroine is dressed in the fashion of the day with a full skirted pink gown and large sleeves and bonnet. Our hero could pass for a regency buck in his blue coat and top hat! They are at a race and the background is full of people.

It wasn't uncommon for people to marry for advancement back in the 1800's. Marriage was usually for social or financial advancement and marrying for love was usually for the lower classes, but becoming more common for society.


  1. very nice novel....i liked it very much its words make pictures when its went in the eyes...

  2. Loved the novel , it was one of my first ever Barbara Cartlands & had the same cover. Certain bits are very similar to Georgette Heyer's 'A convenient marriage' & 'Friday's child'.