Saturday, January 23, 2010

Elizabethan Lover

Elizabethan Lover is an Arrow (UK) publication and my copy is dated 1975. In the forward, Cartland acknowledges that this is her 50th book and dedicates it to her "wonderful mother, with all my love".

This is a tale of Rodney Hawkhurst, a privateer who needs backing for an expedition to "plunder the Spanish main"! He hopes to acquire finances from Sir Harry Gillingham and he consents if Hawkhurst will allow his son to join the voyage. Rodney has fallen in love with Hawkhurst's daughter, Lizbeth.

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple on board ship. They wear traditional Elizabethan male clothing and we can surmise that our heroine has probably been a stowaway. This is another of Marshall's covers that I think was done earlier and the heads of the people drawn in later. Look at the heroine's and let me know what you think!

In 1588, Elizabeth's navy was triumphant in defeating the Spanish Armada, who had intentions of overthrowing Elizabeth and her Protestant religion and bring England back into Catholicism.

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