Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love is Triumphant

Love is Triumphant is #5 in the Pink Collection and was published in 2005.

Rosina is devastated at the suicide of her dear friend because of a romance gone wrong and vows to have no husband! Now that she's a debutante, she is making friends and caught up in a social whirl but is stunned when her newest friend falls for the same rogue that caused her other friend's suicide! Can she rely on Sir John Crosby, a man she admired?

The picture for this is the same as the cover on Camfield #101, A Dynasty of Love

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Castle of Love

The Castle of Love is #4 in the Pink Collection and was published in 2004.

Hugo is the new Earl of Ruven. He was injured in a battle in India, but is on his way home to marry an unseen fiancee and take over the estates. Waiting at home is Jacina and her doctor father, to take care of Hugo and everything goes well until his fiancee arrives and everyone is thrown into turmoil.

This cover is identical to Bantam #80 The Twists and Turns of Love

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Love Finds the Way

Love Finds the Way is #3 in the Pink Collection and was published in 2004.

John Chester suddenly finds himself a duke! On his way home, he gives Gina Wilton a lift back to the village, near his new home, where she lives. Unfortunately, he inherits a title but no fortune, so Gina is determined to help him find one somehow!

This cover is the same as Bantam #174 Help from the Heart.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love in the Highlands

Love in the Highlands is #2 in the Pink Collection and was published in 2004.

Queen Victoria commands Lady Lavina to be the bride of Balkan Prince Stanislaus. However, she is not willing and asks the Marquis of Elswick to help her get out of this. They plan a secret engagement and he takes her to Scotland but trouble arrives when the prince and Queen take up residence at nearby Balmoral!

This cover is a duplicate of the Pan UK version of The Castle of Fear.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Cross of Love

The Cross of Love is #1 in the newest Barbara Cartland collection: The Pink Collection! This book was published posthumously in 2004 by

The Cross of Love is the story of Rena, who lives in the vicarage on the estate of the Earl of Lansdale. She becomes his friend and helps him when a mysterious man threatens the earl and a cross on the estate is the key to their happiness.

The cover art in this series are all previous photos used on other Cartland novels. I will try to list the other book, when possible!

#47 Bantam series: A Dream from the Night

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Jigsaw is Barbara Cartland's first novel. This is a reproduction that was sold in 2010 and limited to 5000 copies. Check for more information.

Jigsaw is the story of Mona, who marries Peter, a marquis, to leave behind an ordinary life of work and toil. She is happy until she meets his half brother Alec and wonders if she has made a dreadful mistake!

This is an odd cover, to be sure! We see the devil sitting on a wedding ring, tempting the lady he holds in his hand. A cupid sits on top, hopefully to rescue her! Not sure if there could be any other interpretation to this, but am willing to hear all theories!

Next, we will be presenting Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection, a group of 150 books that have been published since her death in 2000. These are also available at the website listed above and are not available in any bookstores in the US.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apocalypse of the Heart

Apocalypse of the Heart is a hardcover written by Barbara Cartland under the pen name "Marcus Belfrey" in 1995 by Gramercy Press, New York. I have never seen this in paperback.

Alicia is the daughter of a duke and Queen Victoria is using royal relatives to firm the borders of many European countries. When Alicia is sent to Rasgrad to marry the prince, she is resigned. A train derailment causes her to lose her memory and her chaperones are killed, so she assumes that she's part of the traveling troupe aboard, who nurse her back to health. Once healthy, she performs for a ruler of a small country who falls in love with her.

There is a lot that is wrong with this cover: first of all, it doesn't look at all like a Cartland romance. Secondly, the eye is just plain creepy. Third, it gives the reader no clue about the story or plot.

Also, Cartland's nom de plume is an odd choice. I don't know why she did this, since she's better known by her real name and this story isn't out of the ordinary for her. Marcus was the name of the hero in one of her books made into a tv movie, so that could be why she likes the name!