Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bitter Winds of Love

The Bitter Winds of Love was published by Pyramid (US) in May 1976. This is a modern day set story about widowed Lydia Brant, who agrees to chaperone Ann to visit her mother in Cairo, Egypt. While there, she forms an attachment to Ann's mother's young husband!

Francis Marshall shows our couple embracing on the coast of the Nile in Egypt! Maybe it's a stolen embrace! Our heroine is pretty in a print pink blouse and our hero byronic in a light suit! I like the blues and greens of the palm trees, water, and sky! It's an interesting cover and I'm sure that the UK one is identical! Enjoy!!


  1. what a treat to find this website. as a young girl i read barbara cartland endlessly and always (even at such a young age) appreciated the cover art. currently i am enjoying the cover art on the barnes and noble releases of the georgette heyer novels. beth

  2. Thank you! Unfortunately, cover art has evolved into photos and photoshop, so it's fun to put these covers up and see the great artwork that was done in the 1970's and 1980's!