Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LOL: Freckles

Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter is #26 in Barbara Cartland's Library of Love condensed book series and was published in December 1978. Freckles is a woodsman in the Limberlost forest and falls in love with a girl he meets there he calls the Angel!

Francis Marshall illustrates a beautiful cover with our rugged hero and our beautiful heroine. He is handsome and ruddy while she is petite and exquisite. I love them sitting on the ground with the background of the forest behind them. She wears a torn blue dress and a straw hat sits on the ground. I love that he carries a saw on his belt!

Monday, June 28, 2010


It by Elinor Glyn was "coined" by the author to explain the magical magnetism that emanates from some people and makes them wildly attractive. From the back cover of the book, it explains why Ava is attracted to John Gaunt! October 1978 saw the publication of this condensed book by Barbara Cartland.

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple on a sofa. Our heroine is wearing evening dress that looks from the 1920's or 30's. She holds a pet cat. Our hero looks at her with those magnetic eyes!! I like the funky lamp in the background and the floral arrangement in front.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

LOL: The Lion Tamer

E. M. Hull writes The Lion Tamer, which was condensed by Barbara Cartland in October 1978. This is a circus story about Juan, the lion tamer, and Pauline, daughter of another performer who marries him to escape her brutal father. It's a story of misadventures until love triumphs over all.

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple outside the lion's cage. Our couple embrace and it's a tender moment for them. Note the hero's costume! Behind them are the ferocious lions! I think it's a talented illustrator who can draw both humans and animals well! Enjoy!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

LOL: His Official Fiancee

September 1978 saw the publication of His Official Fiancee by Berta Ruck, condensed for Barbara Cartland's Library of Love series. It's the classic story of the working girl who agrees to become engaged to help the boss because she needs the money he offers her to do so! Of course, they end up falling in love in the end!

Francis Marshall illustrates a favorite cover of mine, because I grew up near the ocean and this could have been my beach! Our couple kneel in the sand while we see the ocean and deep sky behind. They wear bathing suits and it's probably FM's only cover with characters thus attired! You can almost hear the seagulls and feel the sea air! Love it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

LOL: The Amateur Gentleman

The Amateur Gentleman by Jeffrey Farnol was published in August 1978 for Barbara Cartland's condensed Library of Love romance series. This story is about Barnabas Barty, the son of England's boxing champion, who inherits a fortune and plans to become a gentleman! He rescues the lovely Cleone and is determined to become worthy of her!

Francis Marshall shows our couple climbing over a fence. Our hero is dressed as a dashing regency buck while our heroine is lovely in her pink day dress and dark cape. We get the feeling that this isn't a walk through the park but some kind of escape! It's one of Marshall's great regency romance covers and another reason why I love stories set during this time period!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LOL: Tetherstones

July 1978 saw the publication of Tetherstones by Ethel M. Dell and condensed by Barbara Cartland. This is a story about an insane old man, his loving son, a daughter despoiled by a seducer relative and the girl who comes to help. Cartland considers Dell one of the best romance authors of the 1920's.

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple outside. Our heroine is runninig and seems frightened. She is pretty with her brown hair and clear features. I like that her outfit would be worn today! Our hero holds a rifle and is on alert for danger, which may be the old man crouching in the background.

Monday, June 21, 2010

LOL: The Price of Things

The Price of Things by Elinor Glyn is #20 in Barbara Cartland's Library of Love condensed book series. This copy has a June 1978 publication date. This is a romance set during WW1, where Amaryllis marries the handsome Sir John, but circumstances make her fall in love with his cousin, Denzil. The plot thickens with the heir to the family, who may or may not be illegitimate, trying to become its head, by fair means or foul!

Francis Marshall shows our couple saying goodbye. Our hero is handsome in his uniform and our heroine pretty in blue. The motorcar almost dominates the cover by its size and color. Another great picture by FM!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

LOL: Ashes of Desire

#19 in Cartland's Library of Love condensed series is Ashes of Desire by Pamela Wynne. Hugh Keymer is in love with Flame, but his deranged wife prevents him from divorce. Will he ever become free to marry his true love?

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple in an exotic setting. They embrace as if they never wish to let go and it's a touching cover. Our heroine's pink dress stands out among the green palm branches. Our hero is older and obviously in love. It's a romantic cover that would make the reader pick it up and "buy" me!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LOL: Charles Rex

Ethel M. Dell writes Charles Rex, which Barbara Cartland condensed in her Library of Love collection in May 1978. Charles Rex is ready to fall in love, but he ends up with the perfect, unexpected girl that enters his life in a dramatic way!

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple in a Eastern themed room. Our heroine reclines on a fur throw and the hero seems to be entreating her! She wears a cute blue shift dress, very 1960's, while our hero is dressed for dinner. She seems quite young for this hero! FM creates another alpha male hero for this cover, which I hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 14, 2010

LOL: The Sequence

The Sequence is another condensed book of Elinor Glyn's for Barbara Cartland's Library of Love series. This book was published in April 1978. Guinevere is locked in an unhappy marriage with an older man when she meets Hugh Dremont and realizes he is her one true love. Can their love withstand the adventures of those around them?

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple at a piano. We see our heroine's husband sleeping in the background while she plays a song for the hero. It's a poignant scene. I love the detail of her white dress. The hero's red dinner jacket is unusual though it could be a hunting jacket.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

LOL: The Broad Highway

Jeffery Farnol's The Broad Highway is next in Barbara Cartland's Library of Love series. This is a romantic regency about 2 cousins and the woman that one of them must marry in order to win a fortune!

Francis Marshall creates a beautiful cover for this book. Our couple are unencumbered by titles across the illustration and we can see that this looks like they are walking through a field. We don't know if they are hiding or fleeing from someone. The heroine is wearing a muslin dress and cloak over it, but the hero is less formally attired in an open collared shirt and jacket.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LOL: Greatheart

Greatheart, published in March 1978, is #15 in Barbara Cartland's Library of Love condensed versions series. Ethel M. Dell writes about a young girl named Dinah, who has two brothers vying for her attentions. Will she choose the handsome baron or his understanding and kind brother?

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple in a snowy scene. We see the light snow falling on them and a dog waiting patiently. Our heroine is pretty in a purple coat trimmed with fur. This is a great cover that could be used on a current book, since it doesn't appear dated.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LOL: The Great Moment

The Great Moment is #14 in Barbara Cartland's Library of Love series and was published in February 1978. Elinor Glyn writes a love tale of a handsome American and the British girl with Russian blood in her veins, set in America.

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple on a sofa or bed. Our heroine seems shocked at seeing the hero in front of her. He is dressed in outdoors wear. A different FM cover in that it's casual rather than formal and has a modern feel.

Friday, June 4, 2010

LOL: Rainbow in the Spray

Rainbow in the Spray by Pamela Wynne was condensed by Barbara Cartland in February 1978. This is really two love stories in one: Mary Latimer's and her daughter, Margaret. Because of her parents marriage, Margaret feels that there is no such thing as true love while her mother falls in love after the death of her husband.

Francis Marshall shows our couple in busy London. Our tall hero gives a corsage to the heroine. I love their 1920's attire! Her fur was probably real! So elegant. Note the bobby and the double decker bus in the background.

A funny fur story: in 2008 I was in New York City with friends and we passed 4 foreign women dressed in full length real furs in Time Square! It was a picture of an elegance from a past time. We looked at each other and joked, "those weren't fake!"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LOL: Six Days

Six Days is #12 in Barbara Cartland's Library of Love condensed favorite novels! Elinor Glyn writes of Laline and David and the trials they endure before they can be happy together.

Francis Marshall creates a superb cover of our couple. We can almost see the 1920's as our heroine is attired in a beautiful gown with a matching wild fan and our hero is dashing in a tuxedo. This is another cover where I wish the title was better placed because I believe that this is such a pretty picture.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LOL: The Sons of the Sheik

The Sons of the Sheik is the sequel to, obviously, The Sheik! Barbara Cartland condensed this book by E. M. Hull in December 1977. Diana and her desert lover had twin sons: one was raised in the desert and the other raised in Scotland. See what happens when 2 cultures collide!

Francis Marshall illustrates the 2 sons of the sheik with the girl that one, or maybe both, are in love! This is a cover of contrasts; we see the difference in clothing as a difference in culture. FM is his best when it comes to clothing and facial features. Again, I wish Bantam had placed the title elsewhere since it detracts from the cover art.