Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Game of Love

A Game of Love is a Severn hardcover from the UK and published in 1990. This book was never published in paperback as far as I know. I do wonder why, but Cartland's books were being published so quickly that maybe someone couldn't keep up. Some of her books were published in hardcover for the libraries.

The Earl of Inchester returns from Waterloo poor and needing financial help. He returns to a moneylender who has helped him in the past and he convinces the Earl to marry his daughter!

I think this is an interesting cover with our hero fighting a duel and the heroine obviously enamored of him. I like the scenery of the large house and evening sky.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Drena and the Duke

Drena and the Duke is a 1992 Severn House hardback publication. As far as I know, this book was not published in the US.

Drena's grandmother is promoting a match between her and the Duc de Saulieu, but she isn't attracted to him and runs away after overhearing him plotting against her with his mistress! She meets a stranger while hiding who ends up escorting her back to the Duc's chateau in this romantic novel by Barbara Cartland.

We don't get a hint of the plot by looking at the cover of this book, but wonder if it is set in England. I do like the covers of couples, but don't care for her rose set in her hair!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Duel of Jewels

A Duel of Jewels is another hardcover by Severn House (UK). As far as I can tell, this title was not published in the US or in paperback. 1993 is the publication date.

Katerina's stepmother has betrothed her to a rich, elderly duke! She runs away to her neighbor, Prince Michael, who is in an argument with another prince over who owns the best crown jewels. He asks Katerina to help him win this wager, and she agrees!

This cover has a bridal appearance with our heroine decked out in diamonds and emeralds. She wears an beautiful pure white gown which sets off the sparkle and color of the gems. The hero is in formal dress and we get a glimpse of an ornate room.  Same cover used as #78 A Lucky Star, BC Pink romance.