Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Dream Within

The Dream Within has two different covers. The UK Arrow one was published in 1977 while the US Jove book was published in 1978.

This book is about three sisters: Anne, Marigold, and Sally. After the death of their father, they leave the country for London to find romance, wealth, and happiness.

The book covers are interesting in that they show all three sisters and the suitor of one. In a sense, the covers have the same room and outdoors aspect, but the people are drawn differently.

The UK Arrow book has, like the US one, the girls sitting while the man is coming into the room. One girl reads a newspaper while another drinks a cup of tea. The UK book has our girls in very '60's outfits and has cleaner lines than the other. The man seems indistinct next to the brunette girl.

The US book is similar but seems more modern in clothes and furnishings. I like the purple setting of the room but don't like the brunette's haircut! The other girls are cute and personable. It's interesting looking at the similarities of both covers. Click to enlarge!

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