Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love and Linda

Love and Linda is a Pyramid (US) publication from July 1976. Linda Snell is a rising model at London's best fashion house, but low born, and it's hard, during the 1920's, to find a true love in society. She thought that she had found love with Harry, a famous pilot, until his untimely death and wonders if it's worth saving herself for love?

Francis Marshall shows our couple in a club or lobby wearing clothing of the era. Our heroine is pretty in her purple dress and bobbed hair. The hero is handsome and less sardonic that Cartland's usual heroes! It's a pretty picture of an age gone by!

Barbara Cartland was a young lady during the 1920's and witnessed firsthand London society. Her autobiographies are very interesting and full of the names and places of England in the time before World War 2.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love is Mine

Love is Mine was published by Pyramid (US) in November 1976 and Arrow (UK) in November 1970. Toria has married Charles Drayton after a whirlwind romance. She's not sure that she's made the right decision afterwards and wonders if she really loves Micheal, who she grew up with, all along?

Francis Marshall illustrates both covers of this book aboard ship, but the Pyramid one is another close up and shows our heroine nearby with the hero being threatened by another man holding a gun! Our heroine doesn't seem too concerned about the gun-holding man and is looking through a pair of binoculars. Note the other yachts in the background.

The Arrow version has no villain, but shows our couple along side each other. Our heroine wears a blue blouse and white jeans, while the hero is more traditionally dressed! In this cover, we see some deck furniture and a sailor. I hope that you enjoy these seafaring covers!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love is the Enemy

Love is the Enemy was published in 1977 by Pyramid (US) and 1970 by Arrow (UK).

Nerina does the unthinkable and takes her cousin Elizabeth's place as bride to the arrogant Sir Rupert Wroth, who is only marrying to gain the position as Foreign Secretary to Queen Victoria!
Her cousin is in love with another and Nerina's plan is to save her cousin from an unloving marriage!

The Pyramid version shows our heroine sitting on a sofa with our hero kneeling on the floor nearby. It's another close up illustration and we see her elegant, full Victorian dress, very typical of the era. Note the off the shoulder neckline and prim hairstyle. Also, she wears magnificent jewelry! The hero is dressed formally also; maybe they're on their way to court? We see candlesticks in the background of the room.

The Arrow cover is full length and shows our heroine's very full dress! It's similar in style to the US cover with the same fur cape. The big difference is the color of the room and that the hero stands, very sardonically, behind the sofa. Barbara Cartland's favorite color was pink and that may have influenced the color of this cover!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love is an Eagle

Love is an Eagle is another book that I've found 3 Francis Marshall illustrations! How exciting!! This story is about Armand, a secret agent for England, sent to spy out Napoleon's plans. He finds Reve, a young countess, bathing in the moonlight and realizes that this is the one woman for him. How can they find love in this war filled time?

The Pyramid (US) book was published in October 1975, a fourth printing. We see a close up shot of our couple, with our heroine in disarray. They stand near the entrance of a building or bathing house and we feel that it is a beautiful place. I think that this is the prettiest picture of our heroine's face.

The middle cover is an Arrow (UK) book from 1975. Our couple stands near the pool of water. In this picture, our heroine wears an empire dress of muslin with a pink sash with our hero holding her hand in either greeting or departing. Note the gazebo or building in the background.

The top book is another Arrow (UK) from 1969. This cover shows just the heroine and she's at the point of entering the secluded pool or just coming out of it! It's quite risque for the time and for a Cartland cover! I like the sense of nature with the waterfall and lily pads. Also note the flowers growing near the building. Which cover is your favorite?

I'm always on the lookout for other Francis Marshall covers, so if you see one that is different from any I've posted, please contact me! I think a few more books had duplicate covers!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Love is Dangerous

Love is Dangerous is the next in my Francis Marshall illustration lineup of Barbara Cartland's romances. The US book was published in 1976 while the Arrow (UK) was published in 1975.

Melina finds herself alone in Tangier, Morocco when Bing Ward, an Englishman engaged in an undercover mission, bursts into her room for sanctuary. Before she realizes it, she is helping him in his quest to find a kidnapped little boy!

Francis Marshall shows our couple in an up close pose on the Pyramid (US) cover. Our heroine wears a blue dress and it looks as if she and the hero are hiding from the man behind them holding a gun! I like the feeling that the trees and bushes are holding them close, while we see a glimpse of danger in the man behind.

The Arrow (UK) cover is less menacing with our couple hiding behind a tree, our hero holding a gun, and our heroine with a 1960's dress and hairdo! I like the native flowers and little pool nearby. The men in the background do not seem as scary as those on the US cover. I hope you enjoy both illustrations!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love is Contraband

Love is Contraband was published by Arrow (UK) in 1975 and is the story of the Duke of Westacre, who leaves a house party after discovering a matrimonial plot and escapes into a band of smugglers led by a woman named Georgia. Their adventures bring them together to find true love!

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple at the seaside. Our heroine is dressed as a smuggler and as different as a regency woman as can be! Our hero is dashing in his top hat and and we see the smugglers working in the background. I like the roughness of the barrels and ground. It's an intriguing cover!

Smuggling was a big part of coastal life in England. With France so close and with war between them, many items that were banned or heavily taxed came through these channels. Most people would look the other way in order to accept goods and services. The government spent lots of manpower trying to stop smuggling, especially since spies did enter the country this way!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love in Pity

Love in Pity was published by Pyramid (US) in November 1976. Jacinda Coombe defiantly marries Morgan Wright, only because he is her father's sworn enemy and she's trying to hurt her father for selling the family castle. Morgan, however, loves her and is willing to wait for her to fall in love with him!

Francis Marshall shows our couple in riding gear taking a break during a hunt. Our hero wears the traditional red jacket while our heroine is pretty in blue. He looks as if he's ready to comfort her. I like the line of the fence behind them and the feel of the countryside.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Love in Hiding

Love in Hiding by Barbara Cartland has a publication of 1975 (UK) and 1977 (US).

Gretna is on her way to London when she is involved in a carriage accident and meets the Marquis of Stade, her aunt's sworn enemy. She becomes immersed in London society and meets Lord Wroxhall, a dangerous man who desires her.

Francis Marshall illustrates the Arrow (UK) book with the scene of the carriage accident and shows our hero, dressed as a regency buck, helping our heroine. It's an interesting cover and I like how the tilted carriage just emphasizes the couple.

The Pyramid (US) cover shows our couple in an embrace. Our heroine wears a pink day dress and trimmed bonnet, while our hero sports a beige cape over his jacket. He looks younger than the man in the other cover and our heroine shows her large "manga" eyes! Both covers are great and I hope that you enjoy the differences.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love Holds the Cards

Love Holds the Cards was published by Arrow (UK) in 1975 and is the story of Tina Croome and the Marquis of Wynchingham. He has lost a fortune and in order to recoup, while Tina is desperate to marry a wealthy man. They join plans and he grooms her to be able to marry the finest and richest in the land. However, the plan goes horribly awry when Wynchingham's mortal enemy marries Tina and they have both realized too late that they love each other!

Francis Marshall illustrates our heroine running away from the suitor in the background.She wears a full Georgian gown of white trimmed in yellow and has her hair done in curls. The man in the background is dressed richly in a blue coat with lace at his neck and cuffs. The setting is outdoors and looks like a park or private party.

My favorite memory of this book is getting the Pyramid US copy around age 14 when I was sick and in bed (not a FM illustrated cover). This got me started reading Barbara Cartland and I borrowed my neighbor's books and checked them out of the library until I realized that her newest copies were available for sale! My poor copy is well read and an old friend!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love at Forty

Love at Forty was published by Pyramid (US) in 1977. It is the story of 40 year old Malcolm Worthington, who is proposed to by Marcia, a woman desperate to return to England. Once they are married, however, she is concerned that their marriage of convenience may be all to her advantage.

Francis Marshall creates a lovely cover with our couple on horseback in a pretty wood. Our hero is pensive and handsome while our heroine is very pretty! It's a typical English picture and another nice work from Marshall.

Nowadays, a book with this title would have the heroine at age 40!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Love Forbidden

Love Forbidden is an Arrow (UK) publication from 1971. Aria Milbourne despises society and its arrogant living after her father squandered all of his wealth, leaving Aria and her brother to try and save their family home, Queen's Folly. She gets a job with an American named Dan Huron, a famous polo player and this takes her back into a society she hates. Can she find love in this world?

Francis Marshall shows our couple in the heroine's house of Queen's Folly, since we see a painting of Queen Elizabeth in the background. Our heroine clutches a handful of mail and is awkwardly touching some flowers. The hero stands behind her but in front of an ancient suit of armor. He is dressed in casual riding wear. I think that FM illustrated their faces too quickly or blurry for my taste. What do you think?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lost Enchantment

Lost Enchantment was published in 1975 (UK) Arrow and 1976 (US) Pyramid versions seen pictured.

Sylvina lives on the estate of the Marquis of Alton. Her brother is planning on marrying her off to a worthless man who she detests. When the Marquis meets her and helps her dog, she realizes that he is everything a man should be and fate draws them together to solve both of their problems!

This is another example where the US version of the cover is enlarged. We see our couple sitting in the field and see the deer behind the tree.

The UK version is full length and we note the heroine's bonnet and tiny feet as she sits in the field. For some reason, this version is brighter than the other picture. I like the greens and yellows of the leaves. Enjoy the differences in these pictures!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Little Pretender

The Little Pretender has a 1971 Arrow (UK) publication date and a September 1975 US Pyramid one. It is a story set in Scotland in the 1700's after Bonnie Prince Charlie met defeat at Culloden Moor. Iona agrees to pretend to be the lost sister of the Duke of Arkrae in order to see if he is loyal to the prince. However, the plot is compromised when Iona falls in love with the Duke who she will have to leave if he's loyal and betray, if he's not!

Francis Marshall illustrated our couple close up in the Pyramid book. We see our beautiful heroine, in purple and green, with the hero nearby wearing a tricorn hat and ornate overcoat with lace cravat! Note the highlander in the lower left corner.

The Arrow (UK) book has our couple in an embrace. We see the full dress of our heroine and a larger illustration of the highlander, who could be a servant of the hero. It looks like a parting with the highlander holding a horse. I like the mix of colors in this picture. Click on both to enlarge!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Light to the Heart

A Light to the Heart was published by Arrow (UK) in June 1971. Elita Garson was wealthy and beautiful, but not happy. She left home and decided to be loved for herself, which brought her many adventures, but also the happiness of living her own life and loving someone special!

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple at the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our heroine is pretty in a blue suit and our hero handsome and blond. They seem to be serious rather than just sightseers. The illustration seems to have an indistinct quality with the flowers looking unfocused along with the water and background. The statue is unique and famous. I like the fluidity of our heroine's hair which seems to mimic the clouds above.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lights of Love

Lights of Love is unique in that I have 3 different Francis Marshall illustrations for this book! It is a story about Taryna, who is drawn into a disguise by her friend Kit, who has her pose as a Canadian heiress to please Kit's snobbish mother. Taryna ends up falling in love with a man who could never love the daughter of a poor vicar!

Francis Marshall illustrates 3 different covers for this book! The Arrow (UK) "long gown" version was published in 1975. We see our couple out on the town and our heroine is elegant in a long white gown with sequins and a wrap!

The Arrow (UK) "short gown" version was published in 1970 and is probably the original for this book. Typical of the day and style, it's an exact replica of the 1975 version, except for the mini skirt on the dress!

The Pyramid (US) version, published in 1977, shows our heroine in the same outfit, but a close up of our couple in an embrace. It's an intriguing cover and different from the 2 UK ones.

I wonder why FM needed to update and change the covers? Paperback romances had longer shelf lives and more printings than many books nowadays. We know that Cartland was a prolific and popular writer in the 1970's, so the demand for her books was great. We may never know why FM did 3 poses for this book, but I was glad to find them and encourage you to bring to my notice any extra covers for those that I have listed in this blog!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Leaping Flame

The Leaping Flame is an Arrow (UK) publication from 1973. This story by Barbara Cartland is set during WW2 and is about Mona, a young girl who left home to have a love affair, which she thought she had kept secret. But secrets have a way of coming into the light and she finds that maybe she could love Michael, the local squire, after all. What will he say when all her secrets are revealed?

Francis Marshall shows our couple in a living room dressed formally. Our heroine is pretty in a bright yellow dress and emerald jewelry! Our hero is dashing and handsome as he is proposing? I like the bowl of orchids on the table and the green sofa which seems to accentuate the heroine. Enjoy!