Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Beauty Betrayed

A Beauty Betrayed is #132 in Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection and was published in September 2015. It's the story of Zela and how her father, the Earl of Langdale is swindled out of money by his mistress. Zela is determined to regain his fortune and meets the Marquis of Buckwood, whose friend was also swindled and together they merge forces in order to stop her cheating others.

This cover is identical to Secret Harbour #151 in the Bantam series

Monday, September 21, 2015

An Ocean of Love

An Ocean of Love was published in August 2015 by the Pink Collection and is #131 in their series of new Barbara Cartland books published after her death from manuscripts she left behind.

This is the story of Madelina Winston, an American, whose aunt brings her to the UK to find a titled husband. She is more interested in finding out her ancestry. She meets a poor duke that is interested in her fortune but falls in love with a young man that may be related to her!

This cover is identical to the UK cover of No Time for Love