Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Love Puzzle

The Love Puzzle is #51 in the Camfield series and was published in November 1987. Orphan Katrina Darley finds herself engaged to the dashing Duke of Lyndbooke after an incident happens where her reputation must be saved! Can he really save her and can she save him from a pair of viperous women?

We see our couple pictured on a horse riding away from some caravans. I would guess that the hero has just rescued the heroine since she wouldn't be riding in a ball gown! She is a typical Barbara Cartland heroine, blonde, young, and very pretty! The unknown artist has a talent for drawing horses. I also like the fact that we see our couple with nature around them, as evidenced by the fact that they are framed by the trees and sky.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Starlight Over Tunis

Starlight Over Tunis is #50 in the Camfield series and was published in October 1987. The Marquis of Quinbourne is in Monte Carlo when he is approached by an English Adventurer and his daughter about traveling into Tunisia to obtain a treasure! Since the Marquis doesn't want to return to England and marry, he accepts and travels with Sabra and her father to a mysterious land!

This is an interesting cover of our couple in an ancient amphitheater. Everything is clay colored which echoes in the heroine's hair! She shares an embrace with the hero and we wonder what adventures and danger surround them!

Barbara Cartland's books where the heroine seems to be of inferior birth to the hero are always interesting reads!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Earl Escapes

The Earl Escapes is #49 in the Camfield series and was published by Jove in September 1987. The Earl of Dolphinston is being pursued by Lady Hester Stansfield, who is determined to marry him! He finds his salvation in Valencia, a vicar's daughter, who overhears the plot against him and is determined to save him!

This is a pretty cover set inside a ballroom. We see the earl and Valencia, along with the dark haired lady who means to marry him and the Prince of Wales. Whatever the earl has said has infuriated the lady in pink! It's an intriguing cover that makes you want to pick up the book!!