Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kiss from a Stranger

Kiss from a Stranger is #79 in the Camfield series and was published in March 1990. Shenda Lynd, the orphaned vicar's daughter, is taken in to live with the servants at Arrow Castle, only to find out that the handsome stranger who kissed her in the woods, is the master of the house! She uncovers a plot by a Bonapartist spy to kill the Earl of Arrow and ends up in love with him!

Our cover shows the first meeting of our couple and their magical kiss! I think it's interesting that this cover has a horse and dog on it, both animals that Barbara Cartland liked. It's a bright summer day and our hero is dashing and cheeky!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Real Love or Fake

Real Love or Fake is #78 in the Camfield series and was published in February 1990. The Marquis of Kyneston leaves London after an affair gone wrong for Amsterdam, where he intends to purchase some Dutch art. While there, he meets Lela, who has run away from an unwanted suitor. She tries to sell him a fake painting, needing the funds to save her dying aunt.

An unknown artist created this cover of our couple. I like the city scene with the yacht in the canal behind them. The couple share a tender moment and are either saying "hello" or "goodbye"!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Haunted Heart

The Haunted Heart is #77 in the Camfield series and was published in January 1990. Gina Borne takes the position as companion to the Earl of Ingleton's cousin and ward as a way to escape her uncle's grim household. However, once she meets Lady Alice, she realizes that someone in the house is trying to keep the Earl from marrying his cousin or any single woman!

I like the early Victorian gown worn by our heroine. The artist did a great job with the details of her dress and hairdo. Our hero still looks more Regency, but with the flashier cravat and waistcoat. They embrace in an bright and elegant room.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bargain Bride

The Bargain Bride is #76 in Barbara Cartland's Camfield series by Jove and was published in December 1989. The Earl of Blakeney is in debt after inheriting. Marcus Winton, viewing his disastrous gambling at Whites, decides to help him by marrying his sister and paying off his debts. Aleda isn't too happy with this solution and is concerned that he has married her to advance his social position. However, when she is kidnapped in London by some Chinese men, she discovers her husband's secrets!

Our cover artist shows the rescue of Aleda in the story. Our heroine is safe and the hero is relieved. The Chinese man and his servants seem more interesting that the couple and I'm intrigued with the room where this is all set. Not something you'd easily find in 1800's London! The cover is almost too busy.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Temple of Love

The Temple of Love is #73 in the Camfield series by Barbara Cartland and published by Jove in November 1989. The Duke of Inglebury is on a mission to find a legendary temple deep in the Javanese jungle. While there, he finds Sarida, who is living nearby with her father, an author of religious books. Sarida is also intent on keeping the temple safe from the Dutch looters.

I think this is a very intriguing cover. We see our heroine in the garb of the Javanese culture, standing in front of the secret temple. Our hero is dressed in clothes designed for exploration. It looks like their initial meeting and the surprise of finding another English citizen in this exotic country!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Circus for Love

A Circus for Love is #74 in the Camfield series and was published in October 1989 by Jove. Thelma Fern flees from a forced marriage to the home of the impoverished Earl of Merstone and decides to help him with his private circus as a way of support.

An unknown artist created this cover of our couple and my major issue with it is that the heroine looks out of proportion on her horse. Maybe it is her ballerina styled dress! The horses are drawn to perfection and the background is enchanting. It's another fun read by Barbara Cartland.