Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love and Linda

Love and Linda is a Pyramid (US) publication from July 1976. Linda Snell is a rising model at London's best fashion house, but low born, and it's hard, during the 1920's, to find a true love in society. She thought that she had found love with Harry, a famous pilot, until his untimely death and wonders if it's worth saving herself for love?

Francis Marshall shows our couple in a club or lobby wearing clothing of the era. Our heroine is pretty in her purple dress and bobbed hair. The hero is handsome and less sardonic that Cartland's usual heroes! It's a pretty picture of an age gone by!

Barbara Cartland was a young lady during the 1920's and witnessed firsthand London society. Her autobiographies are very interesting and full of the names and places of England in the time before World War 2.

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