Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love is an Eagle

Love is an Eagle is another book that I've found 3 Francis Marshall illustrations! How exciting!! This story is about Armand, a secret agent for England, sent to spy out Napoleon's plans. He finds Reve, a young countess, bathing in the moonlight and realizes that this is the one woman for him. How can they find love in this war filled time?

The Pyramid (US) book was published in October 1975, a fourth printing. We see a close up shot of our couple, with our heroine in disarray. They stand near the entrance of a building or bathing house and we feel that it is a beautiful place. I think that this is the prettiest picture of our heroine's face.

The middle cover is an Arrow (UK) book from 1975. Our couple stands near the pool of water. In this picture, our heroine wears an empire dress of muslin with a pink sash with our hero holding her hand in either greeting or departing. Note the gazebo or building in the background.

The top book is another Arrow (UK) from 1969. This cover shows just the heroine and she's at the point of entering the secluded pool or just coming out of it! It's quite risque for the time and for a Cartland cover! I like the sense of nature with the waterfall and lily pads. Also note the flowers growing near the building. Which cover is your favorite?

I'm always on the lookout for other Francis Marshall covers, so if you see one that is different from any I've posted, please contact me! I think a few more books had duplicate covers!

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