Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love Holds the Cards

Love Holds the Cards was published by Arrow (UK) in 1975 and is the story of Tina Croome and the Marquis of Wynchingham. He has lost a fortune and in order to recoup, while Tina is desperate to marry a wealthy man. They join plans and he grooms her to be able to marry the finest and richest in the land. However, the plan goes horribly awry when Wynchingham's mortal enemy marries Tina and they have both realized too late that they love each other!

Francis Marshall illustrates our heroine running away from the suitor in the background.She wears a full Georgian gown of white trimmed in yellow and has her hair done in curls. The man in the background is dressed richly in a blue coat with lace at his neck and cuffs. The setting is outdoors and looks like a park or private party.

My favorite memory of this book is getting the Pyramid US copy around age 14 when I was sick and in bed (not a FM illustrated cover). This got me started reading Barbara Cartland and I borrowed my neighbor's books and checked them out of the library until I realized that her newest copies were available for sale! My poor copy is well read and an old friend!

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