Monday, March 22, 2010

Love in Hiding

Love in Hiding by Barbara Cartland has a publication of 1975 (UK) and 1977 (US).

Gretna is on her way to London when she is involved in a carriage accident and meets the Marquis of Stade, her aunt's sworn enemy. She becomes immersed in London society and meets Lord Wroxhall, a dangerous man who desires her.

Francis Marshall illustrates the Arrow (UK) book with the scene of the carriage accident and shows our hero, dressed as a regency buck, helping our heroine. It's an interesting cover and I like how the tilted carriage just emphasizes the couple.

The Pyramid (US) cover shows our couple in an embrace. Our heroine wears a pink day dress and trimmed bonnet, while our hero sports a beige cape over his jacket. He looks younger than the man in the other cover and our heroine shows her large "manga" eyes! Both covers are great and I hope that you enjoy the differences.

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