Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love Me For Ever

Love Me Forever is an Arrow (UK) publication from 1975. In the 1780's, the Duke of Melyncourt in in France to carry out a dangerous mission for the prime minister. Ame is a young girl who escaped from a convent into the duke's carriage. Many exciting adventures occur before he realizes that she is the duchess for him!

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple in a pleasure garden. Note the exquisite clothing and wigs they are wearing! I like the details of their clothes and the gazebo in the background. Marshall does a great job conveying the party atmosphere of this scene. Too bad we don't dress like this; at least for masquerades!!


  1. This was my first Barbara Cartland book! I LOVED it. Ame is so sweet, and "Monseigneur" is so romantic... (I love it when he kisses the hem of her dress!) I really enjoyed Hugo and Isabella's story too... I've been looking for more BC books ever since I read this one. Thank you so much for making this blog... It is such a help!

  2. My cover is different. Will always remember this novel because this is the only Barbara Cartland I've read where the hero & heroine are not a coupe at the end .Ame chooses to become a nun & refuses to marry the Duke.

  3. It sounds like "These Old Shades" inspired plot. Good. I liked These Old Shades and if this book contains more interaction between the hero and heroine - the better.