Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Little Pretender

The Little Pretender has a 1971 Arrow (UK) publication date and a September 1975 US Pyramid one. It is a story set in Scotland in the 1700's after Bonnie Prince Charlie met defeat at Culloden Moor. Iona agrees to pretend to be the lost sister of the Duke of Arkrae in order to see if he is loyal to the prince. However, the plot is compromised when Iona falls in love with the Duke who she will have to leave if he's loyal and betray, if he's not!

Francis Marshall illustrated our couple close up in the Pyramid book. We see our beautiful heroine, in purple and green, with the hero nearby wearing a tricorn hat and ornate overcoat with lace cravat! Note the highlander in the lower left corner.

The Arrow (UK) book has our couple in an embrace. We see the full dress of our heroine and a larger illustration of the highlander, who could be a servant of the hero. It looks like a parting with the highlander holding a horse. I like the mix of colors in this picture. Click on both to enlarge!

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