Friday, March 12, 2010

Lights of Love

Lights of Love is unique in that I have 3 different Francis Marshall illustrations for this book! It is a story about Taryna, who is drawn into a disguise by her friend Kit, who has her pose as a Canadian heiress to please Kit's snobbish mother. Taryna ends up falling in love with a man who could never love the daughter of a poor vicar!

Francis Marshall illustrates 3 different covers for this book! The Arrow (UK) "long gown" version was published in 1975. We see our couple out on the town and our heroine is elegant in a long white gown with sequins and a wrap!

The Arrow (UK) "short gown" version was published in 1970 and is probably the original for this book. Typical of the day and style, it's an exact replica of the 1975 version, except for the mini skirt on the dress!

The Pyramid (US) version, published in 1977, shows our heroine in the same outfit, but a close up of our couple in an embrace. It's an intriguing cover and different from the 2 UK ones.

I wonder why FM needed to update and change the covers? Paperback romances had longer shelf lives and more printings than many books nowadays. We know that Cartland was a prolific and popular writer in the 1970's, so the demand for her books was great. We may never know why FM did 3 poses for this book, but I was glad to find them and encourage you to bring to my notice any extra covers for those that I have listed in this blog!

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