Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love is the Enemy

Love is the Enemy was published in 1977 by Pyramid (US) and 1970 by Arrow (UK).

Nerina does the unthinkable and takes her cousin Elizabeth's place as bride to the arrogant Sir Rupert Wroth, who is only marrying to gain the position as Foreign Secretary to Queen Victoria!
Her cousin is in love with another and Nerina's plan is to save her cousin from an unloving marriage!

The Pyramid version shows our heroine sitting on a sofa with our hero kneeling on the floor nearby. It's another close up illustration and we see her elegant, full Victorian dress, very typical of the era. Note the off the shoulder neckline and prim hairstyle. Also, she wears magnificent jewelry! The hero is dressed formally also; maybe they're on their way to court? We see candlesticks in the background of the room.

The Arrow cover is full length and shows our heroine's very full dress! It's similar in style to the US cover with the same fur cape. The big difference is the color of the room and that the hero stands, very sardonically, behind the sofa. Barbara Cartland's favorite color was pink and that may have influenced the color of this cover!

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