Friday, March 26, 2010

Love is Dangerous

Love is Dangerous is the next in my Francis Marshall illustration lineup of Barbara Cartland's romances. The US book was published in 1976 while the Arrow (UK) was published in 1975.

Melina finds herself alone in Tangier, Morocco when Bing Ward, an Englishman engaged in an undercover mission, bursts into her room for sanctuary. Before she realizes it, she is helping him in his quest to find a kidnapped little boy!

Francis Marshall shows our couple in an up close pose on the Pyramid (US) cover. Our heroine wears a blue dress and it looks as if she and the hero are hiding from the man behind them holding a gun! I like the feeling that the trees and bushes are holding them close, while we see a glimpse of danger in the man behind.

The Arrow (UK) cover is less menacing with our couple hiding behind a tree, our hero holding a gun, and our heroine with a 1960's dress and hairdo! I like the native flowers and little pool nearby. The men in the background do not seem as scary as those on the US cover. I hope you enjoy both illustrations!

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