Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Witch's Spell

A Witch's Spell is #9 in Jove's Camfield series and was published in May 1984. Hermia Brooke, a vicar's daughter, meets a handsome gentleman in a country lane who thinks she is a farmer's daughter! The Marquis is on the way to visit Hermia's cousin's family and her cousin, Marilyn, is determined to marry him with Hermia's help!

The cover art, done by an unknown artist, shows the meeting scene of our hero and heroine. I like the rendition, other than the fact that the heroine looks like she's 13! We see the hero's horse and a grand house in the background where he may be heading!

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  1. I agree with your point of later painters not putting enough efforts as Francis Marchall did. The fact that heroines look like 13-15 years old kids is indeed worrying as the heroes look over 35. Too much pedo for me...if you know what i mean. maybe such visualization encouraged sexual predators and even teen abuse in adult movies. I wonder, if B.Cartland were alive, would she approve of such covers. Not even mentioning those 'naked' ones...