Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Poor Governess

The Poor Governess by Barbara Cartland is the beginning of the Camfield series, published by Jove books, in February 1982. The series starts with #1.

The UK edition, also pictured, was by Corgi and published in 1983. Note that I'm only offering both editions when the cover art is different.

Lara, daughter of a parson, decides to take the place of her friend, Jane, as a governess when Jane's being pestered by Lord Magor. She is also eager to see the inside of a real mansion! When everything with her scheme to teach Lord Magor a lesson goes horribly wrong, Lord Keyston takes matters into his own hands!

The Camfield (US) edition, called Camfield after Cartland's home, shows our couple riding horses. I'm not as happy with the artist of this book, since the hero looks smug and the heroine about 13!

The Corgi (UK) edition has a better cover. I love the heroine's blue gown and wish the hero had a cravet pin! Love the hallway setting. I wish Jove had used this cover art for the US version, too.

The next 5 books will have 2 different covers. I hope you enjoy them. Jove published 150 books in this Camfield series and I hope you enjoy seeing them all in one place!!

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