Monday, January 17, 2011

A Miracle in Music

A Miracle in Music is #5 in the Camfield series and was published in October 1982. The Corgi (UK) version was published in 1983.

The Duke of Arkholme is a great music lover and he is held up by Vanola, who is desperate for him to hear her father's music. After he hears, he must find her again!

The (Jove US) Camfield cover shows our couple getting married with a handsome best man in the background! Our heroine is pretty, but looks 13, in a very heavy, ornate looking wedding gown and large bouquet.

The Corgi (UK) cover shows our hero in a military uniform and our heroine as an elegant bride. I love the fact that they are walking down a nave or aisleway of the beautiful stone church! We don't know if this is before or after the service. No knowledge of the cover illustrator, but he did a great job on this cover!

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