Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love is #3 in the Camfield series by Jove and was published in June 1982. Nelda is rescued by Lord Harleston, a distant cousin, while he is traveling out west in America, having left England and a royal command to marry! Can these two British subjects stay safe in the wild west? It is mentioned that this is Cartland's first novel set in America.

The Camfield version shows our couple hiding from Indians . Our heroine is young and pretty, but looks dressed a bit formally for the outdoors. Our hero blends into the scenery with his clothes colors.

The Pan (UK) version has almost the same scene, with the Indians on the warpath, but shows our couple a bit more hidden in the woods with our heroine wearing a green traveling dress and our hero in a light suit. I like this one better, personally. Click on either photo to enlarge.

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