Friday, January 21, 2011

Bride to a Brigand

Bride to a Brigand is #7 in the Jove Camfield series and was published in April 1984. Princess Ileana of Zokala is fit to rule, except her statesman decree that she must have a husband. She is courted, but finds love in the arms of an arrogant outlaw!

An unknown artist painted this cover which begins a series of heroines in white, low cut dresses! On this cover, our heroine and hero wear native traditional dress, and the heroine holds a knife as if she plans to stab herself or the hero!! She is passionate and he is calm, as he gazes down at her. The background is a riot of bright color with little definition. I miss the old Francis Marshall covers!

This is another of Barbara Cartland's romances about royalty, so if you typically like them, you should like this one, too!

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