Friday, January 7, 2011

A Rebel Princess

A Rebel Princess is #183 in the Bantam series and the last of the books published by Bantam. March 1984 is the publication date. Princess Tora of Radoslav is horrified when the king of Salona wishes to marry her, because he is an old man. Before their betrothal, she helps her professor of music when his violinist is injured by performing in Salona where she meets the king's handsome son, who is also incognito!

This is a pretty cover with very heavy Star Wars elements, including the title and the hero's shirt! I love the heroine's native outfit and simple hairdo with a flower wreath, while the hero is dashing in his clothing. The little inn behind looks warm and inviting.

I will be photographing more Barbara Cartland books and begin with the Jove publications, which began in 1984 after Bantam ceased its publication. I hope you are enjoying seeing all of Barbara Cartland's romances in one place!


  1. I absolutely love your blog and seeing all the Cartland covers. I've got quite a few of her books in my library but am missing so many more of hers. It's the intriguing covers that always drew me to her novels.
    Thanks so much for posting them!

  2. I was thinking how her covers and the marketing by numerically counting the books made it easy and fun for those who liked collecting to do so.

  3. star wars elements! oh dear, you cracked me up for a good minute and i wonder if anyone from neighbors overheard. That description is soooo accurate! still chucking. Thank you for your blog.