Monday, April 19, 2010

Open Wings

Open Wings is another great Barbara Cartland romance about Lorna, who lives in the country and cares for her motherless siblings when she meets Jimmy Braith, a wounded airman, who she quickly falls in love with and marries. Once married, though, problems set in until love makes all things right again!

The Pyramid edition dates from 1976 and Francis Marshall shows our couple up close. Our heroine carries a basket of fruit that the hero tries to take from her! She wears a typical 1970's hairdo, even though the story is set during WW2! It's a pretty cover.

The Arrow (UK) version also dates from 1976, but the cover has an earlier printing of 1971, which is evident in the cover. Our heroine here wears a pink dress and her hairdo is closer to the styles of the 1940's. Our hero wears a similar blue jacket and is opening the gate for our heroine. In the background, we see the outline of a house. It's interesting to see the similarities and differences in these covers and I feel that the US version was updated for marketing purposes!

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