Friday, April 16, 2010

The Odious Duke

The Odious Duke is the story of the Duke of Selchester, who decides to marry in order to keep his cousin and heir away from his title. He wants a submissive blonde, blue-eyed lady, but meets Venetia, a brown haired beauty with problems that only he can solve!

The Pyramid (US) version was published in 1977 and shows our couple outside and in some danger, as shown by the revolver held by the hero. They wear outside Regency garb and the hero is elegant in his top hat and caped coat while our heroine is adorable in pink!

The Arrow (UK) version from 1973 shows our couple sitting inside. Our heroine wears a lovely yellow gown, which is less Regency and more victorian, since the book takes place in 1824. Note the puffed sleeves and high neckline. Her topknot hairdo was also Victorian. Our hero wears a teal jacket and white pantaloons. Both covers are interesting and great examples of Marshall's work!

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