Monday, April 26, 2010

The Reluctant Bride

The Reluctant Bride by Barbara Cartland is the story of Camilla, who is on her way to marry the Prince of Meldenstein and thus save her family from financial disaster and her mother's life. While traveling, she meets Hugo Cheverly, who seems to hate her, but ends up saving her from a diabolical prince! I remember this being a great story!!

The Pyramid (US) copy is a loud yellow with Francis Marshall's illustration in a circle, which was a popular style in the 1970's. We see our very pretty heroine, the dashing hero on her left, the villainous prince and his oriental henchman! Our heroine wears a pretty ball gown of white and blue trimmings.

The Arrow (UK) cover shows our couple on ship. Our heroine wears a green cloak over a simple white gown and looks very young with her hair down. Our hero is dashing in a regency great coat! We see other ships nearby, which suggest that they are near shore. The wind blows her cloak and gown and she clasps the cloak at the neck. Which cover is your favorite?

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