Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love Under Fire

Love Under Fire is an Arrow (UK) book from 1977. Elvina, in order to escape from her Portuguese stepmother, stows away on a ship bound for England and her grandparents. Lord Wye, who owns the ship, thinks she is 13 and takes her under his wing as they travel and adventure through war torn Europe. Elvina, who is really 17, falls in love with Lord Wye, but he is set to marry once he arrives in England. Can she convince him of her real age and her love?

Francis Marshall shows our couple on board ship and it looks like a scene where he's just discovered that she is a stowaway! To me, she looks older than 13, but our hero is handsome in his uniform and definitely of age! I like her billowing scarf, which adds a bit of color to this cover.

I remember this being a great read and recommend this story!

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