Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stars in My Heart

Stars in My Heart is the story of Gisela, who is asked by the Empress Elizabeth to impersonate her on a visit to Lord Quenby! However, it isn't the older Lord that she meets, but his handsome son who falls in love with a women he thinks is Empress Elizabeth!!

Francis Marshall illustrates two different covers for this story. The Pyramid (US) one shows our couple meeting for the first time. Our heroine wears an elegant blue carriage suit, trimmed in brown. We see his imposing mansion behind him. I like the bouquet of flowers that he holds, ready to give to the Empress!

The Arrow (UK) version illustrates our couple before an elegant dinner or ball. Our hero wears a long tailed jacket while our heroine is divine in white with diamond stars scattered in her hair. I think the red sofa is a bit clashing and the lights in the background draw our attention away from the heroine.

Empress Elizabeth of Austria was a real person. She was very beautiful but had an unhappy marriage, endured the death of a few children, and was assassinated in 1898.


  1. I really adore the Arrow-cover for this one. It resembles that beautiful painting of 'Sissi'.

  2. I agree. The heroine's dress on the Arrow cover is absolutely divine..

  3. i read this novel repeatedly for four years in school days.