Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Passionate Pilgrim

The Passionate Pilgrim was published in 1976 (US) and 1977 (UK). Both were later printing editions.

Randal Gray, the passionate pilgrim, is a successful London playwright who is being pursued by two very different women. While vacationing in France, he meets Sorella, the daughter of an aging actor and realizes that she may be what he has been seeking all along!

The Pyramid (US) cover shows our couple sitting in an auditorium that is very ornate. Our heroine is very pretty with her blue eyes and long black hair. The hero looks over her shoulder and contemplates a rehearsal. We see some of the crew in the background.

The UK (Arrow) cover is similar, except that our couple is standing in the same auditorium with ladies in the background. Our hero holds the same script while our heroine has a different hairdo and looks more 1960's. Which is your favorite cover?

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