Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Irresistible Buck

My copy of The Irresistible Buck was published by Arrow (UK) in 1975. This is a story set in the early 1800's during the regency and is about Lord Melburne, who finds himself involved with a young girl named Clarinda, who hates him, though he doesn't know why. How they do find love together is the plot of this story!

Francis Marshall draws our characters as our hero rescues our heroine from a Hell-Fire club. She wears a white muslin gown while he is dressed in a bottle green coat with a red cape, used by the club members, thrown over it. The candles and incense burner give us the illusion of fire and heat.

The regency had its share of debauched practices, but none more violent than the Hell-Fire clubs, where people tried to worship Satan and raise demons. Decent people renounced those who participated and the clubs eventually died out.

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