Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Hidden Heart

The Hidden Heart is next in my series of Francis Marshall illustrations for Barbara Cartland's books. The Arrow (UK) version has a date of 1969 while the Pyramid (US) version is from 1977.

Sylvia Wace hopes to find a permanent place as a governess with Sir Robert Sheldon's daughter after a dismal upbringing as a charity child of her uncle's. She is concerned with the dowager's meddling and surprised at Sir Robert. Can he be someone who would look twice at a lowly governess?

Francis Marshall creates two different scenes for these covers. In the Arrow one, we see the heroine and her charge talking to the hero, as he's about to go riding. She is dressed in severe black, but it is a very becoming dress. Notice the horse; Marshall was great at illustrating them!

The US cover shows our heroine embracing the child while the hero looks on. It's a pretty scene and shows the love between the child and governess. My copy is a bit banged up, but you get the feeling of the cover. I guess the worst part is the orange title!

Hiring out as a governess was considered one of the few suitable jobs that a young lady could do to earn her income. Most English children were raised by their tutors and governesses in high class families and would see their parents at tea time or bed time. It was also important for children who didn't have mothers to be in the care of a good governess during their young years.

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