Monday, February 1, 2010

A Ghost in Monte Carlo

A Ghost in Monte Carlo is one of Barbara Cartland's reader's favorite books! My copy is an Arrow (UK) copy published in 1969. This story is well known for having a great tv movie made for it around 1990 starring Lisette Anthony and Marcus Gilbert!

A young girl is taken from a convent school by her aunt, who plans to use her as an instrument of revenge against the man who killed her sister! She is taken to Monte Carlo, dressed all in gray, and not allowed to associate with anyone other than her aunt! While there, two very different men vie for her attention!

Francis Marshall draws a superb cover of our heroine looking over a balcony onto the scene of Monte Carlo! We see the casino in the background along with a carriage which may carry a special gentleman away! I love her gray bustle dress and matching hat. Just beautiful! If you have the chance to watch the movie or read this book, do so!

The second photo comes from an audiobook and the translation is for this story. Note the heroine's gray dress. I really like this picture, which is a Francis Marshall cover and wish they had used it for the book.