Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Innocent Heiress/Knave of Hearts

This is another series of Cartland's books that had a change of title after the book crossed the Atlantic!

US: The Innocent Heiress
UK: The Knave of Hearts

This story is about Ravella, who becomes the ward of the Duke of Melcombe, to the astonishment of society! He is captivated by her and she is attracted to him. Can the ward conquer the knave?

The UK book was published by Arrow in 1968. Francis Marshall illustrates our couple outside at a pleasure garden, probably Vauxhall. We see them dressed in evening wear and see the fireworks in the background and a singer on the balcony singing to the people walking below. It's another of his covers where the faces of the people look painted in at a later time.

The US cover is similar in that it's set in the same park and we see the lights and people behind our couple. The hero looks almost identical in both covers, except for not wearing gloves here. Our heroine is petty in a blue cape with gray trimmed fur. She still wears a pink dress, but her hair is more elegantly styled than the other cover. It's a closer view and I like it better.

Vauxhall was the primary pleasure garden in London. It was very popular in the 1700's and until it closed in the mid 1800's. It consisted of a few acres of pretty walks and popular entertainment and food. Initially it was free to attend, but later charged admission. For people without modern conveniences, it was a place to gather, be seen, and be entertained.

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