Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Innocent (Virgin) in Paris

An Innocent (Virgin) in Paris is a unique book in that it had a different title after it traveled the Atlantic!

UK title: A Virgin in Paris
US title: An Innocent in Paris

Why the change? Who knows! The Arrow (UK) book is from 1975 while the US Pyramid is from 1971

Gardenia's mother has died and she travels to her one living relative in Paris, the Duchess de Mabillion. However, her aunt has a lover and the young men that flock around Gardenia think she is looking for a lover, too! How she experiences heartache before falling in love is the plot of this story, set in the early 1900's.

Francis Marshall illustrates three very different covers for these books. The Arrow (UK) cover shows our couple standing by a trendy red automobile! We see Paris monuments in the background. They are fashionably dressed and our heroine is lovely in a pink day dress, complete with accessories.

The US Pyramid book shows them sitting at a cafe. Our heroine is wearing a pink day dress trimmed with blue accents. Our hero seems a bit less sardonic and much more approachable in this cover! In the background we see the Eiffel Tower! Both covers have similarities and it's fun to look for them!

The last cover is from a hardcover dust jacket version of the story.


  1. Is that a moustache on the hero in the third cover? It looks very out of place! Lol - I don't recall if any of her heroes had facial hair.

    1. It does look like it. Usually Cartland's villains had facial hair!