Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Hazard of Hearts

OK! I got out of alphabetical order with the last post! If I can, later I will insert it in the correct place!

A Hazard of Hearts is another of Barbara Cartland's well loved romances! A made for tv movie, starring Marcus Gilbert and Helena Bonham Carter, was made in 1989.

This story is about Serena, whose father has died and she finds that her home is now owned by the Marquis of Vulcan. In order to preserve her reputation, she is sent to his mother at their home, Mandrake House, where she finds secrets and love!

Francis Marshall illustrates a famous scene from the book, where the heroine is rescued from an abduction by a notorious highwayman! Our heroine is dressed for a ball and is very pretty while the hero of this scene is masked and dangerous! I like the action of the horse and the quietness of the countryside where they travel. Great cover and a great story!!

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