Monday, February 22, 2010

An Innocent in Mayfair

An Innocent in Mayfair was published by Pyramid (US) in January 1976 for Barbara Cartland. It is a story of Maxine, who leaves the convent after school and is going to be introduced by her sophisticated Aunt Dorothy as a London debutante. She wonders if she can survive the fashionable world when she falls in love with a notorious playboy!

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple in a restaurant, sitting at a table and sharing an intimate moment. This book is set in 1923 and we see our heroine's gauzy dress and flapper haircut. Our hero is dashing in a tuxedo. She has a look of being a little over her head in this setting. It's a pretty picture and an accurate glimpse of London in the 1920's as this was Cartland's milieu!


  1. I've recently purchased this book and I'm really enjoying it, never read one of her earlier books set in the 1920s.

    Its very similar to Elinor Glyn in style and I love the book cover, I really do like the 1920s book covers.

    Thanks for your excellent blog, I always use it when searching for a Barbara Cartland title.


  2. This novel was also called A Virgin in Mayfair.