Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Hidden Evil

The Hidden Evil is set in the court of Henri II and is the story of Sheena, who comes to France from Scotland to be companion to the young Mary Queen of Scots. She finds a court with loose moral standards and meets a Duc who she is attracted to but may be using her as a pawn in a plot to ensnare a king!

The Arrow (UK) version was published in 1975 and shows our couple in a full length pose. Our heroine wears a beautiful full dress and holds both a flower and fan. Our hero is handsome in a yellow suit with a ruff. This clothing looks very Elizabethan! Note the instrument on the cushion and the guard in the background.

The Pyramid (US) version is similar, but we see our couple up close and notice how pretty the heroine is with her pearl headpiece and intricate dress. Our hero is handsome, but stiff and we see the guard and flags in the background. I really like the heroine in this cover and think it's a great picture by Francis Marshall!

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