Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Wrong Duchess

The Wrong Duchess is the sixth and final book in the UK Master Butcher series. It is also dated 1989. None of these Master Butcher books were published in the US.

Queen Victoria discovers the Duke of Kerncliffe with one of her ladies in waiting during the night and thus decrees that he must immediately be married. He is furious at this royal command but takes the suggestion of a friend and asks for the hand of a duke's daughter. She is in love with another and being forced to marry Kerncliffe. However, her cousin Areta, who is not in society because of her father's disgrace, is willing to take her place as the bride!

I like this cover. The heroine is pretty and the hero handsome. It looks like they are celebrating their wedding and he doesn't know that Areta has taken her cousin's place as bride. The title is enough for me to pick up this book, which I'm planning on reading again quite soon!

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