Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love, Lies, and Marriage

Love, Lies, and Marriage is a UK Mandarin paperback published in 1997.  This book was not published in the US. I believe there is a hardcover version of this title.

Teresa's father and his friend, Sir Hubert Bryan are scheming to unite their relatives into matrimony. Bryan's nephew is in need of a wife and Teresa's father is afraid of fortune hunters.

This is an interesting cover. Our heroine lounges on the floor at the chair of the hero, who is reading a letter. They are both dressed for dinner or a evening out. It seems unusual that she isn't using the chair in the background and seems a bit subservient. I like the room's details.

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  1. I find it impossible to believe that BC has written this story!... The characters don't match, first of all, and the hole story is badly described...