Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stand and Deliver Your Heart

Stand and Deliver Your Heart is a UK Mandarin paperback dated 1991. This book was not published in the US and had a hardback equivalent at one time.

Vanda Charlton warns the Earl of Wynstock that highwayman have taken over his home while he has been away fighting Napoleon! Soon they both find themselves in desperate straits and the earl has to use all of his ingenuity in fighting the intruders!

It looks as if our couple is being married in an interesting place and style! The hero is masked and the heroine seems not to mind. Maybe she is aware who he is? It looks like they may be outdoors in a ruined church.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some rare Cartland books! Next I will show some titles that have only been published in hardcover and then we'll begin her Pink Collection, books published after her death in 2001.

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