Monday, June 18, 2012

The Sleeping Princess

The Sleeping Princess is a UK Mandarin paperback from 1991 and another that wasn't published in the US and extremely hard to find.

Lady Odela Ford returns from boarding school to find out that her stepmother is planning on marrying her to her own lover so that he can have her fortune! She runs away to her old nanny who is employed by the Marquis of Trancombe and she thwarts the theft of one of his Van Dyck's!

Since it was hard to find this book, I was curious to see what the cover art would look like! We see the couple tied up by the thieves. Both are wearing riding dress, which suggests that they had been waylaid on a morning ride.

Again, I'd use eBay or Amazon to find copies of these titles and if you live in England or Australia, search out your local second hand book stores. Good luck!

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