Saturday, June 2, 2012

Desire in the Desert

Desire in the Desert was published in the UK in 1989, 1 of 6 books in the "Master Butcher" collection by TCCL (the Communication Circle LTD).

This is the story about the Marquis of Peverell, who vows never to remarry after an unfortunate marriage. His two cousins are running up debts because one of them is his heir. In order to deflect this, he decides to find a ward to whom he can leave the bulk of his fortune, if not the title.

He finds Shamara in an orphanage, the daughter of a missionary. She is suitable and they travel abroad for her to learn how to be a lady.

There is no artist signature, but the cover is interesting being set in the middle east with our heroine approaching the hero, who is unusually undressed for a Cartland novel! I like her blue gown as well as the ornate pillars and fountain.

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