Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love and a Cheetah

Love and a Cheetah is a 1994 UK Mandarin publication. This book was not published in the US.

Ilesa Harle's half-sister is widowed and enamored of the Duke of Mountheron. She is invited, along with her family, to visit the duke's estate and it's Ilesa who captures the duke's attention, to the wrath of her sister!

This is an interesting cover of our couple with the addition of the dangerous cheetah! I'm assuming that the duke had a home zoo. The contrast of the elegant dress against the wildness of the animal is interesting.

For anyone looking for these books, eBay is your best choice along with Amazon. It still amazes me that they weren't published in the US, but the market for Cartland's books may not have been as strong in the 1990's.

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